Valentines Day Friendship Grams 2023- Legal

friendship grams

Order now until Thursday Feb. 9th

Delivery to classrooms on Tues. Feb. 14th

This year our Friendship Grams are multicolored wooden roses. Much like our Halloween BooGrams, our Friendship grams are $1 each and can be sent to anyone in the school. That includes teachers, staff and students in other classes.

There is an option again to send to the entire class. The prices are listed below.

Price to Order for the entire class: (Prices determined based on class size)

$15 for classes listed below $20 for classes listed below $25 for classes listed below

PK102 Flavin K200 Saadalla 1-251 Aslanis

PK104 Burke K202 Lee 1-226 Yuen/Lotito

K204 Sanchez 2-213 Hatzipavlou

4-344 Papadimitropoulos 2-253 Afodorcei/Russo

5-300 Nordstrom 3-247 Moretti/Smith

5-326 Kyriakopoulos/Filippidis 3-332 Foundos 4-339 Papadopoulos/Gonzalez

Sweetheart dance

WHEN: Tues. Feb. 14th

WHERE: PS234Q Gymnasium

All children must be accompanied by a Covid-19 vaccinated adult.

The PTA will be hosting a Sweetheart Dance on Valentine's Day. Dressing up encouraged but not required. Admission is FREE. Snacks, Smencils and Wooden Roses will be available for purchase.

There will also be a photobooth, polaroid prints will be available for purchase.

We will also have some soon to be announced raffle baskets. If you would like to donate gift cards or other items for our raffles please email us at: ps234pta@gmail.com