SLT Election Info

School Leadership Team or SLT

SLTs must be composed of an equal number of parents and staff. Three member positions are mandatory: the school’s principal, the PA/PTA president (or a co-president), and a UFT representative; any of these members may be represented by a designee.

The other positions are determined by elections for each constituent group: the PA/PTA is required to hold elections for parent representatives, and staff members elect their representatives as well.

Despite their different constituent groups, SLTs must function as true teams. They are required to use consensus-based decision making, in which all participants play a role in the final decision. With this approach, members listen to one another’s contributions and ideas with the goal of arriving at solutions that work for the entire group. Bylaws, mandated for all SLTs, serve as the team’s operating guidelines.

The rules governing the formation, operation, and roles and responsibilities of SLTs and its members are contained in Chancellor’s Regulation A-655 (CR A-655) 

Current Staff Members:

Ms Danner

Ms Papathomas

Ms Athena 

Ms Kehoe

Ms Moretti

2024-2025 Parent Members:

Becca Staley (PTA Pres)

Lauren Lombardo (PAC Rep)

Mirela Prohaska

Tanya Torniali

Katie Adler